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Do You Know How Muldoon Got It's Name? Discover the fascinating story in this edition of Anchorage Memories VIP.
What comes to mind when you think about the Anchorage you like to remember? These random memories will "take you back". Enjoy.
Do you know the story of how Anchorage began? Do you know how Anchorage got it's name? And what did Knik have to do with it? Check out this edition rig…
What are your favorite memories of summer time in Anchorage? Going to camp? A favorite lake? Sunday at the races? Playing games outside at night?
"What's behind the green door?" Do you remember that slogan for Betty's Record Den? A look back at a favorite Anchorage teen hang out in this edition.
Did you know that Ron Moore was back on the radio just 18 minutes after the 64' quake finally stopped? Check out Ron's amazing story in this edition.
Do you know the first name of the lake that would become Spenard Lake? Did you know that Spenard Lake was once the site of a thriving resort?
Do you remember Anchorage's Genie Chance? She was one of the very first in Anchorage to start reporting on the radio after the 1964 earthquake.
Did you know that Russian Jack Elementary school and the Russian Jack area of Anchorage are all named after a notorious bootlegger?
Do you know how the Alaska Zoo get started? Remember Annabelle the Elephant and Binky the Polar Bear? Check out this fun edition.
Did you know that Sydney Laurence first arrived in Anchorage in 1915? Did you know that he was a photographer and a painter? Check out this fun edition.