Anchorage Memories Announcement

A special announcement from Mike and Mary of Anchorage Memories


You know, publishing your Anchorage Memories VIP Newsletter is a joy and a privilege. We enjoy writing each and every edition just for you.

But we have decided to turn our attention to writing ebooks.

If you’re not sure what an ebook is, an ebook is a digital book that you read on your computer or mobile device.

Because we are shifting our time to write ebooks, we need to end publication of our monthly Anchorage Memories VIP Newsletter.

For those of you who have supported us through paid subscriptions, if applicable, you will receive an email about receiving a pro rated refund.

And while we are ending publication of the newsletter, we will be maintaining our Anchorage Memories Facebook Group and our Anchorage website.

As we go forward from here, Mary and I thank you for the many kind and often informative comments we have received from the newsletter. You have made our days just that much brighter.

Thank you

Mike and Mary