Anchorage Random Memories

What comes to mind when you think about the Anchorage you like to remember? These random memories will "take you back". Enjoy.

Circa 1950s, Anchorage looking east toward the Chugach mountains.

What comes to mind when you think about the Anchorage you like to remember?

In this edition of your Anchorage Memories VIP Newsletter, you’ll enjoy random memories that will “take you back” and maybe even bring back a fond memory or two of your time in Anchorage.

Did You Know?

You have driven under the “Anchorage All-America City” sign on 4th Avenue many, many times. But do you know what it means? Or why Anchorage received this honor?

In 1956, the National Municipal League and Look Magazine named Anchorage an All American City for the way Anchorage handled it’s skyrocketing population that threatened to swamp city facilities. And for pushing for much needed city improvements.

Anchorage was named an All American City in 1956, 1965, 1985 and 2002.

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How Mountain View First Began

Anchorage’s community of Mountain View first began in the 1940s.

Elmendorf Air Force Base was being constructed and workers had no place to stay. So Mountain View was established to provide housing for those workers.


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Do You Recognize This Boxer?

He was the owner of the Captain Cook hotel on 4th Avenue in downtown Anchorage, Governor of the state of Alaska and Secretary of the Interior under President Nixon…

Yes, Walter J. Hickel was also a boxer.


Take a look at this Biography of Walter J Hickel right now.

The Fur Rendezvous Blanket Toss

Did you or someone you know ever try this?

The first Fur Rendezvous Blanket Toss actually took place in 1950. Native Alaskans were flown in to Anchorage from Nome and Little Diomede islands to create the event which included a showcase of tribal dances.

Notice where this is on 4th Avenue? See the National Bank sign in the upper left. Are you or is someone you know in the picture above?


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Questions Alaskans Get Asked

Even today in 2021, when someone finds out that you live in Alaska, or used to live there… we still get asked these questions.

Do you live in igloos?

Is Alaska a state?

Have you seen the Northern Lights?

What currency do they use in Alaska?

Is it dark all the time?

Is it light all the time?

Do you drive cars or use dogsleds?

You probably don’t use Natural Gas in Alaska because it would freeze.

What questions have you been asked that aren’t on this list?

Where Was This?

On March 19, 1961, Anchorage photographer Ward W. Wells took this picture of Anchorage citizens “riding” the escalator in Caribou Wards Department Store.

Did you ride this escalator?

Summertime at an Anchorage Drive-In

More daylight in the summer meant that when they started the movie at the drive-in, it was hard to see what was on the screen.

Anchorage was home to not one but two drive-in theaters. The Sundowner Drive-In (pictured above). The Sundowner opened in 1969 behind the Fireweed Theater.

The Billiken Drive-In was located at 3101 Muldoon Road and it opened on January 9, 1963… And because it opened in the winter, you could easily see the movie on the screen.

The Beatles in Anchorage

The Beatles made an unscheduled stop in Anchorage on June 27, 1966 and for a brief time, stayed at the Anchorage Westward hotel (pictured above).

Around 500 Anchorage teens gathered outside the hotel to try and catch a glimpse of the fab four.

Mike of Anchorage Memories had just started working at KTVA channel 11 and was asked to take some microphone cable to an announcer who was at the Westward, covering the event. As Mike approached the front door to the hotel, the teen mob started hollering at Mike to help them get inside the hotel… Mike delivered the microphone cable and quickly left the building.

Were you there?


In that crowd of 500 teens was Mike’s future wife, Mary of Anchorage Memories.

Check out her story “Face to Face with John Lennon” right now.

So many memories… so little time.

Here we are at the end of another look back at fond memories of a place called Anchorage. Did you recall a memory or two? Tell us about your memories. We’d love to hear from you.

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