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What were (are) some of your favorite Anchorage places to grab a bite to eat? This edition of Anchorage Memories VIP might make you hungry.

Peggy’s Airport Cafe

When our family first arrived in Anchorage in 1950, we landed at Merrill Field.

After the long, 5 hour flight from Seattle, mom ask someone at Merrill Field if there was a restaurant near by. We were told about Peggy’s Airport Cafe just across the street.

So for our family, Peggy’s has a very special place in our hearts.

Now known as Peggy’s Cafe, the restaurant was first opened in 1944. It was originally a one-story building and a favorite of bush pilots.

Peggy was a lady named Peggy Lott. She first moved to Alaska to teach school in Seldovia, then Bethel before coming to Anchorage.

If you like pie, Peggy’s is the place to be. Even today, the pies are created using the same recipes Peggy Lott used over 70 years ago.

Mary of Anchorage Memories recalls how her mother, Feodoria Pennington used to bake the pies at Peggy’s Airport Cafe and was there when the 1964 earthquake struck.

“My mom told me that when the 1964 earthquake started shaking, Peggy Lott and my mom ended up crawling around on the kitchen floor on their hands and knees dodging flying pots, pans and knives.”

Remember the Tent City celebration in the 1980s? Peggy’s Cafe was there and so was Mary of Anchorage Memories. Notice the “fresh homemade pies” sign.

Peggy left Alaska in the 1970s for Mount Vernon, Washington. She passes away in 2006 at the age of 103.

The next time you find yourself in Peggy’s Cafe, raise your cup and remember Peggy Lott.

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A&W Rootbeer Memories

Back in 1951, my dad, Ray Dougherty, cleared some land off of Mountain View Drive, not far from Merrill Field. The area he cleared became a very important place in Anchorage history.

When we mention A&W on Anchorage Memories, the Anchorage group always remembers the great tasting “masked potato” french fries. And of course there were the lions, Timbo and Princess.

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Nikko Garden

The Kimura family hit a home run when they created Nikko Garden.

Located in Spenard, the restaurant’s atmosphere was beautiful and the service and food was memorable.

What are your favorite memories of Nikko Garden?

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The Arctic Roadrunner

Oh the memories…

The Arctic Roadrunner was a favorite of our family. The location shown above is now closed, but such fond memories remain.

Mary of Anchorage Memories recalls her Arctic Roadrunner memories.

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Benny’s Taco Wagon

Long before food trucks became the next big thing, the small truck you see in the picture above was an Anchorage favorite.

All you had to say was “let’s go to Benny’s” and everyone would get a great big smile on their face.

The food truck parked at a variety of locations in Anchorage, and when you showed up, the wonderful aroma of yummy Mexican food was your reward.

And when those happy folks left the wagon with their foil-covered plates clutched tightly in their hands… you could hardly wait your turn.

Gwennie’s Old Alaska Restaurant

One of Anchorage’s favorites.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner, Gwennie’s was the place to be. And this is what made it so good.

The owner, Gwennie Thornton. She loved to cook and she loved making her customers happy.

Not long ago, Anchorage Memories caught up with Gwennie and here’s what she had to say to all her Anchorage friends.

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La Cabana

It didn’t look like the picture above the first time I visited the La Cabana.

Back in the day, the La Cabana was in a log cabin. When I was a boy, my mom and dad took the family to that small cabin in downtown Anchorage. I had never had Mexican food and I wasn’t at all sure that I wanted to.

Then, when our dinner arrived at out table and I took my first bite… It was love at first taste.

My wife Mary had the same experience.

And although we have traveled all over, now live in California and have tasted Mexican food in some great restaurants… nothing compares to the wonderful Mexican food we enjoyed at La Cabana…

What are your La Cabana memories?

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The Woolworth’s Lunch Counter

One of the great things about downtown Anchorage was the lunch counter in Woolworth’s.

My mother, Louise Dougherty, worked at the lunch counter and it was fun to go in, say “hi” to mom and get a burger plate or a yummy slice of pie.

And who can forget those tall bags of popcorn? Back in the day, you could take one of those with you when you went to see a movie just up the sidewalk at the 4th Avenue Theater.

Mary of Anchorage Memories remembers Woolworth’s Grand Opening

The Lucky Wishbone

Oh what I wouldn’t give for one of those delicious Lucky Wishbone cheeseburger baskets… followed by the strawberry shortcake they served in a glass. Oh be still my heart.

No look at Anchorage Restaurant Memories would be complete without a look at one of our favorites, The Lucky Wishbone.

All you had to do was just walk into the restaurant and you knew the food was going to be amazing.

Now here’s a special treat.

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