Anchorage Summer Memories

What are your favorite memories of summer time in Anchorage? Going to camp? A favorite lake? Sunday at the races? Playing games outside at night?

Memories of those long summer days in Anchorage remain in your heart.

“Playing outside all day, eating dinner and then going back outside to play until our parents realized it was nearly 1 am and called us inside!

Riding our bikes all over the place! We lived in Spenard but rode our bikes out to Diamond Blvd., Sand Lake, Jewel Lake, West Northern Lights to the supper club, and just everywhere without having to worry about being kidnapped or molested.

We played cops and robbers, Chinese jump rope, Red Rover, hopscotch, four square, hide and seek, freeze tag, and our neighbors across the street had a ginormous innertube in their yard from something like a D8 Cat. All the neighborhood kids spent hours jumping on that thing; all of us at once.

The weather was perfect! Never too hot and seldom ever cold. I also remember riding our bikes to berry picking spots around town, and walking up to a neat little ice cream shack on Spenard road kind of kitty corner from Schweum's grocery, and getting creamy fresh banana ice cream cones!”

The above is from an Anchorage Memories Facebook post by Jaqueline Biggs.

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Just hanging out in downtown Anchorage

Browsing the magazines or having a soda with friends at the Hewitt’s lunch counter.

Or maybe going to the Woolworth lunch counter, or the Loussac Library.

Remember stopping for a Tastee Freez cone?

Or maybe you liked getting a summertime shake and some of those great fries at the A&W Rootbeer stand in Mountain View.

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Anchorage Race Track Memories

Remember Bud Borders, Blackie, “Fuzzy” Sprinkle, Don, Hank Langman and all the others who raced on those wonderful oval tracks around Anchorage in the summer?

There you were in the stands with your favorite beverage in one hand and a hot dog in the other, cheering your favorite car and driver to victory.

Check out “Anchorage Race Track Memories” right now.

Summer Movies

Remember being able to go to a movie on a week night in the summer?

And how light it was outside when the movie ended? Those were the days.

Summer Skating

The picture above is the Dimond skating rink.

What rink did you and your friends go to for a fun afternoon of skating? Or maybe you didn’t skate, but you liked to hang out and watch the crowd go round and round.

Remember Those Summer Ice Cream Trucks?

The picture above is the Taste Freez Jewel Lake ice cream trucks.

The second you heard the tinkle, tinkle sound of that special music announcing the arrival of the ice cream truck, you only had one question… “mom, dad, can I get an ice cream?”

What was your favorite icre cream truck treat? Mary and Mike, of Anchorage Memories, both liked the Sidewalk Sundae’s… Mmmm.

Camping and Hiking and Fishing Oh My

Let’s see, there was also playing golf, gardening and just enjoying the beauty of an Anchorage summer. A special time indeed for those who call The Great Land home.

From Our North Stars

“Thanks for the memories Mike and Mary.

I’m a former and always an Alaskan who enjoys the history and effort you have put into Anchorage Memories. I’m 79 and live in Florida. I’ve traveled and lived all over the world, but I’m glad for having grown up in Anchorage, a unique place” No name given

And this after our Anchorage Memories VIP Newsletter edition about Joe Spenard.

“Spent many a sunny afternoon at Spenard Lake and had absolutely no idea about it’s namesake. Great read!” blue192

A special poem - "Seasonable", by Betty Cook-Poeschel

Bunched-up clouds

Mostly White,

End of May

All daylight.

Neighborhood park

Russian Jack,

Baseball games

Back to back.

Dandelion carpet

Covers all,

Constant challenge 

Find the ball.

Alaska summer

Gone too soon,

Winter games

Include the moon.

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Summer Picnic Overlooking Cook Inlet

Mary of Anchorage Memories enjoying a summer picnic with our son Christopher and daughter Nikki overlooking Cook Inlet. By the way, they were eating up all the fried chicken while Mike was taking this picture.

Happy 4th of July

This fun edition of memories of those “hazy, lazy” days of summer in Anchorage, Alaska sure went by fast. Nearly as fast as summer in Alaska.

So get out there and enjoy it while you can.

Our thanks to Jaqueline Biggs for her post at the beginning of this edition about her summer memories of all the fun she had during those long Anchorage summer days.

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Now enjoy your 4th of July and the rest of your summer.

And remember Mike and Mary when you eat that watermelon.

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Mike and Mary