Your Anchorage Downtown Memories

Remember your favorite downtown Anchorage shops, restaurants and places to go? Let's remember those wonderful places and good times that still live in your heart and memories.

What is your favorite time of year?

Winter, spring, summer or fall?

Imagine that you’re walking in downtown Anchorage during your very favorite time of the year.

Remember your favorite shops, restaurants and places to go? Remember how you felt and who you might be walking with as you enjoy your time there.

So now… Let’s remember some of those wonderful places and good times in downtown Anchorage that still live in your heart and in your memories.

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Old City Hall

Right in the heart of the downtown Anchorage, on 4th Avenue we remember City Hall.

The Visitor’s Log Cabin

Located right next to City Hall and just across the street from Woolworth’s, the Visitor’s Log Cabin is a wonderful reminder of Anchorage’s past and the Alaska that many see in their mind’s eye. We always took our out of town visitors to see the log cabin.

Take a closer look at the Anchorage Visitor’s Log Cabin right now.

The HofBrau

Across the street from City Hall on 4th Avenue was the HofBrau.

During the Fur Rendezvous winter carnival when it was cold and crisp outside, do you remember standing on the sidewalk and looking at the roast they had in the picture window under warm red lights? Just looking at it made you feel warm all over… and hungry.

Stewart’s Photo Shop

Also located across from City Hall on 4th Avenue, Stewart’s Photo is not only a great place to visit, but it’s located in one of the oldest buildings in Anchorage.

This was also where you could see Star the Reindeer holding court on the sidewalk just outside of Stewart’s Photo.

Kimball’s Dry Goods

When you walked around behind City Hall, you saw another one of the oldest buildings in Anchorage.

Kimball and his wife, and later his daughter, operated this store for many, many years. And a number of our North Stars tell us that they shopped in Kimball’s and met the founder’s daughter. Great memories.

Check out this story about Anchorage Pioneer Irving Kimball right now.

The Book Cache

One look at this logo and you remember going into The Book Cache on 5th Avenue just around the corner from JC Penney.

You can learn more about The Book Cache right now.

The Loussac Library

We featured this recently, but any look back at your favorite places in downtown Anchorage should include the Loussac Library located on 5th and F streets.

The Federal Building

Located across the street from the 4th Avenue Theater and Woolworth’s, this picture captures Anchorage as it prepared to celebrate statehood in the 1950s.

Read more about The Federal Building right now

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The 4th Avenue Theater

This may well be the crown jewel of downtown Anchorage.

Do you remember the first movie you ever saw at the 4th Avenue Theater? Remember the box office, the beautiful carpet, the grand staircase and those wonderful panels on the walls of the auditorium. Yes, movies were better and the 4th Avenue Theater.

Check out this fun Printable 4th Avenue Theater Print right now.

Anchorage in 1915

It all began as a tent city on the muddy banks of Ship Creek.

But lots for the town were auctioned off and buildings began to spring up on 4th and 5th Avenues that would be home for grocery stores, general stores and more…

Anchorage in 1944

Did you enjoy your walk around the Anchorage downtown that you remember?

Cherish these memories and let them fill your heart and feed your soul.

Anchorage Kid’s TV Shows

Our look back at Anchorage Kid’s TV Shows brought this comment:

“Aww, what a memory. My dad and Frank Feeman were good friends and I was one of the first kids on his show! (HiJinks). Thanks for the memories.” Jody

ZJ Loussac Library

And our look at ZJ Loussac and his library prompted these comments:

“Hi, Mike and Mary. Your look at the ZJ Loussac Library really brought back memories. I’ve been in Anchorage since 1952. My parents were both teachers. One day at the Loussac Library, I discovered books. My first was “Star Man’s Son” by Andre Norton. At Clark Middle School I gave a book report on all the volumes of the World Book Encyclopedia. I’ve been a book worm every since. Thanks Mr. Loussac!” Wandal

“I made lots of trips to the Loussac Library and hung out there. Loved that place.” Vicki

“From 1972 to 1975 I often visited the Loussac Library in downtown Anchorage. I visited 38 times in 1974.” Christopher

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After reading this nostalgic edition of Anchorage Memories VIP, Mary and I feel like having lunch at the Woolworth’s lunch counter, getting one of those tall bags of popcorn, then taking in a Saturday matinee movie at the 4th Avenue Theater… Those were the days.

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Mike & Mary

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