Hi, Mike. Love getting your content which brings back so many memories. My parents brought me up to Anchorage in 1952 and it has been home since except for outside professional schools. One thing: Everyone seems to remember the Bun Drive-In and the Coke Show but during my days around that time, my friends and I spent most of our time at a club for teens only on the east side of Spenard Road just south of NLights (straight west of the old REI). It was called Cinnamon Cinder where we enjoyed rock and roll, dancing and non-alcoholic drinks. No one seems to recall it except a few of my (now aging out) friends I grew up with here in Fairview (Eastchester).

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Great hearing from you.

Yes, I have posted about the Cinnamon Cinder on our Anchorage Memories Facebook Group and a lot of people say they used to go there.

Glad you enjoyed your Anchorage High School Memories edition.

Thank you


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