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I enjoyed your article and the link to the story of Martha "Mother" White. What a remarkable person! The stories about her are great contributions to the history of Anchorage and Alaska. One statement caught my eye and I wondered if it contains a typo: ".... Tyonek is 42 miles to the east of Anchorage, across Cook Inlet." Having lived in Anchorage a few years (57), Tyonek, on my mind map, is to the west of Anchorage; so I checked and looks like that is so. Thought I'd let you know. Thanks for all your work to keep history alive. Martha

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Martha – so glad you enjoyed our look at Martha “Mother” White. And yes, you are correct, Tyonek is west of Anchorage. We did run a correction in the next edition under “From Our North Stars”. But thank you for bringing that error in geography to our attention again.

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