Apr 3, 2022Liked by Michael R Dougherty

I've mentioned to many people around here in NE SD that this year we are having an Alaskan "breakup," rather than spring. In fact, we've gone through two early stages of it already, with snow "re-falling and re-melting." We are in the third one right now...the day after the ground was totally uncovered, while wet, muddy, and dull. The huge, soft, quiet flakes coming down right now would be quite alarming, if I didn't know how this works, from having lived in Alaska for so many years. :-D

Thanks for your stories here, today...many memories pricked!!! :-D

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Aug 3, 2023Liked by Michael R Dougherty

I remember the soft chinook winds that would come during the winter and spring breakup and the temperature would climb in the 50's. I would love to walk outdoors during those chinooks but it could be slippery. Brings back a lot of warm memories.

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