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Close Encounters of the Moose Kind

Close Encounters of the Moose Kind

Have you ever had a close encounter with a moose in Alaska? You'll love these stories.

They look peaceful enough, but a moose is still a wild animal and they can be dangerous.

Here are some fun stories of moose encounters in and around Anchorage, Alaska.

Cindy sent us this one

“Adam and the Moose”

“It’s hard to believe that anyone who has lived in Anchorage does not have a moose story.

Adam had a “Close Encounter of the Moose Kind”. We were going out for a bike ride. I set the bike on the sidewalk and my toddler grandson, Adam, climbed on. As I was pushing him towards the driveway (my head was down, watching him) I noticed two unfamiliar brown tree trunks directly ahead.

Confused for a second, I thought, “I don’t have trees in the driveway“.

But they were not tree trunks. Instead, they were the front legs of a yearling moose - close enough for an immediate head-on collision!

I swooped up Adam, and bolted back into the house. We watched the young moosie from the safety of the living room’s bay window. Needless to say, Adam was very put out that we came back inside before he got his bike ride. As for me, I’m pretty sure that’s the day my hair started turning gray.”

And Rose told us her moose story

There was a Moose in my Way

“In the dead of winter in 1973, I took a shower at a friend's house who lived in the foothills of Anchorage (sorry, don't recall the name of the road).  He was a young man, living at his parents' house, and he had basically snuck me in when no one was home, so I could take a shower, since where I was living did not have one. 

While I was showering, his mother called him to tell him she was coming home in a few minutes to have lunch, and she asked that he be there.  He panicked and told me I had to clear out before she got home.

My long hair was dripping wet, and I was very angry about having to leave the house in temperatures below zero in such a hurry. I set out on foot down their dirt road to get to the main road where I could hitch a ride.  

All of a sudden, this very tall and large moose ran out in front of me from my left side, snorting with steam coming out of his nose. He just stood there glaring at me and blocking my way to the main road.  I was so cold and angry that I yelled at him, "What do you want? Get out of my way, I'm not having a very good day!"  

He stood there snorting at me for a moment and then turned his backside to me and ran on down the road. He had evidently decided that I was some kind of critter he did not want to tangle with.  I was able to walk on and make it to the main road where a very nice woman in a warm car pulled over and gave me a ride home.

I will never forget the look on that moose's face when I told him to get out of my way.  I did not know what he was going to do, but I am so grateful he didn't come after me.”

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